Fred Cary – Entrepreneur and business thought leader.

Fred Cary is an internationally known entrepreneur and business thought leader with over three decades of leadership experience and transformational strategies that have resulted in billions of dollars in corporate value.
His success stories cross boundaries – he has built high-growth businesses in finance, software, mobile technologies, data, retail, consumer products, strategic services and e-commerce.



CEO of IdeaPros, Fred Cary, has helped hundreds of brilliant entrepreneurs find their purpose and create their legacy.

He produces a weekly show for entrepreneurs that has been viewed by over 4 million people, and his advice as a thought leader and business expert is widely sought after by both startup entrepreneurs and much larger companies.

As a Top 1% Business Professional, Who’s Who in America, and top ranked attorney for several years, Mr. Cary’s personal brand can best be described as:
“F *CK Average, Be Legendary.”


Imagine Communications: $20 MM in revenue year 1. Currently $700 MM, with 75% of the world’s households using its technology, and $50 Billion in revenue for its customers.

Path 1 Network Technologies: IPO, over $50 million, as well as two multi-million dollar private rounds. Acquired.

Boxlot: Technology that created variable pricing for the internet. Acquired – $120 million contract.

City Loan: grew small, local lender into multi-state company with $30 MM revenue. Acquired.

Home Bistro: Nationwide prepared food delivery – go public event 2020.


“Fred is the quintessential entrepreneurial executive. He has very creative ideas and has the skills to turn them into reality…Due to his breadth of experience and ability to see the big picture, Fred would be an excellent consultant to emerging companies.”

▬ Les Briney, Board Director at Soteria Intelligence and Aerovu

“I worked with Fred directly where he was our Chairman of Tarmin Technologies (now $40 MM revenues). I came to admire Fred for his many valuable leadership qualities, his strong devotion to his work and his team, and his ability to meet the tough challenges facing a start-up.”

▬ Shabaz Ali, President & CEO, Tarmin, Inc.

Frederick is one of the brightest guys I know. He is an extremely talented entrepreneur that knows how to make things happen. His ability to construct deals, raise capital and launch companies successfully is Fred’s passion. Doesn’t hurt that he is a lawyer, MBA and understands the intricacies of equity.”

▬ Randolph F. Price, Fortune 100, Digital Marketing Strategist


If you’re looking for an excellent group of people that will purposefully and methodically take you and your idea or product to the best place possible for a successful launch and be ready for best possible growth potential, this is the place!

▬ James Werner

I’m truly appreciative of the experience and knowledge the Ideapros team has. With every step of the project they all have been supportive and professional. The work of each individual thru each step is beyond amazing! Thank you TEAM IDEAPROS ALL THE WAY!

▬ Lindsay F.

IdeaPros has set up a talented team, have established strong business relationships and are determined to help make as many great Ideas become a reality, as possible.

▬ Jared Woock



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